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Interactive Resources Great online resources linked directly to
the new Primary Curriculum for Maths
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Annual Whole School Licence

100's of great whiteboard activities, games and worksheets all linked to the new Primary Framework for Mathematics.

Only £249+VAT
Annual Whole School & Community Licence

A whole school licence with the added benefit of allowing all your pupils access to the resources from home.

New Eggs on Legs (Multiplication)

New Eggs on Legs (Multiplication) The Eggs on Legs have returned! Linked to the new National Curriculum objectives for times tables, crack the egg to reveal the hidden digit. (New Teaching Tables)

Whiteboard friendly Game

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All our great resources can also be purchased on CD-ROM with a Site Licence which enables installation to all computers and networks within a school. This is a one-off payment. More...

Welcome to iR

Our complete collection of maths resources, including the BETT award winning 'Maths Packs', are now available to use online, with the added benefit of being directly linked to the Primary Framework for Mathematics. (We will be linking the activities to the 'New' National Curriculum in the coming months.)

  • Whole class resources, games and worksheets
  • Motivating, engaging and easy to use
  • Linked directly to strand and objective
  • Makes planning and preparation easier
  • New resources added throughout the year
  • Create individual 'My Favourites' folders

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Once you have registered to iR Online, the school can add up to 8 additional login email addresses.  Please forward any additional email addresses for accounts using the contact page at stating…

Using iR & FAQ's

How do I find resources?Once you are logged in select the Resources link on the Home Page. You can now select Strand>Year>Objectives to list all relevant activities and worksheets.For those users…

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